1. HUB
    SmartThings is the leader in smart home open source technology. What does that mean to you? It will allow smart devices (motion sensors, lighting, open/close sensing, water/moisture sensing, locks, garage doors, and more) to work cooperatively and remotely to customize your home to fit your lifestyle.
  2. Security
    Samsung SmartThings can provide your smart home with the latest monitoring systems without those monthly payments. Passcode locks, cameras, alarms, and more are offered as a standard feature when you use Samsung SmartThings to create your smart house!
  3. Sensors
    Samsung SmartThings provides different types of sensors. The most popular is a motion sensor, mainly used for turning out the lights without having to press the switch. The sensors can be used to detect a water leak or even if someone opens a drawer to your personal items. Samsung SmartThings sensors are highly recommended when designing your smart house!