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SmartThings Lighting & Energy Bundle


The  SmartThings "Light &  Energy Bundle" includes  v2 Hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 Osram On/Off/Dim Smart Light bulbs.

Link to SmartThings 

Monitoring & Security


The SmartThings  "Monitoring & Security Bundle" includes V2 hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 multipurpse sensors. 

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Want to "Voice Command your smart devices while at home? 

Installation of one Amazon Alexa enabled device for $100.00

  • Kit/ Products must be purchased by client separately, and are available through Amazon, SmartThings, Best Buy or retailer of choice

  • Kit/ Products must be available at time of installation

  • Customer must be on-site at time of installation

  • Wifi must be working and access to IP's may be needed

  • Wifi connected device (s) such as a smart phone or tablet are required to "control" smart connected devices (without voice automation - when not onsite/ home) via the "APP," iOS, and Android versions are available for both SmartThings, and Alexa

  • An email account will be necessary for set up of account(s)

Installation Includes:

  • Installation of all devices that are included in one of the three kits noted here.
  • SmartThings Account set up
  • Basic programming of stock SmartThings -SmartApp's
  • One mobile device with SmartThings App

Alexa (voice automation):
  • Alexa Account set up 
  • Installation of 1 Echo or Dot 
  • Pairing with ST account to automate installed ST hardware
  • One mobile device with Alexa App

* Additional programming and services are available at an additional cost. Quote provided upon request.

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Amazon / Dot