Voice command your home

TV & Music

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We will help guide you through custom solutions to save you time and make your home react to your preferences.

Using a variety of sensors such as motion, open/ close, temperature, and movement to command actions in your home. 

  • Turn lights / off, dim/ brighten, set cool or warm lighting, color lighting
  • Turn on fans and control fan speed
  • Set a scene up to happen, such as set lights to medium brightness, turn on the coffee pot, and turn the humidifier off

Geo location

Just leave home or arrive and let your geofence determine what happens in house.

  • Turn on or off your monitoring system
  • Turn on or off all or some lights
  • Lock or unlock your door
  • Close or open your garage door
  • Set your thermostat to home or away

Control your home
in a variety of ways from anywhere and stay aware of what is happening in your home

Use many different ways to command things in your home.

  • Total voice automation including while not at home
  • Using a wifi connected smart phone or tablet to control your devices/ home
  • Using touch sensing at home
  • Get alerts and notifications, such as an intrustion alert, water leak, a door being unlocked and more